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Laser cutting machine help Valentine 's Day to produce creative advertising

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Today is the Valentine’s Day of 14th,Feb.It is the couple to commemorate the day of love.In this romantic day, there are many single men and women to their favorite object to show love, in order to cause each other’s goodwill, naturally, a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolate, but do you have a more better creative to capture each other’s heart? The following illustrations are for your reference "This time, I want to let the world know, Luo Liang, I love you!", there is a large"courtship" billboard in Wuhan Optical Valley square, in addition to a line of words, but also a picture with a young man holding a big speaker shouting. Address: No. 72 Optics Valley Avenue,East Lake High-Tech Development Zone. Wuhan City, China P.C: 430223 Tel: 0086 27 8792 5937 Fax:0G86 27 8792 5936 Website: http://tovm.hansgskBer.coin E

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"Gong Ge, are you willing to marry me?” A height of about 10 meters from the ground, an area of more than 30 square meters of huge red billboards, eye-catching written this touching "true love declaration", attracting pedestrians stopped watching. The above two different people are using the roadside billboards to say their love declaration, this billboard seems simple words, but we do not know how cumbersome the process. Advertising production process are always the best stage to show their own characteristics for laser technology, where the laser technology can be loved by people with the...

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Laser cutting machine can not only cut any plane graphies on metal or nonmetal material, but also has the following features: good quality of slit, small distortion, smooth appearance and beautiful appearance; high cutting speed, high efficiency, low cost, safe operation and stable performance. The In recent years, laser cutting machine and advertising production industry has inextricably linked, for laser cutting machine enterprises, the advertising industry is the rapid development of laser cutting machine industry, the opportunities and challenges in the future laser cutting machine will...

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