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The importance of the servo motor for laser cutting machine
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Wuhan Hans Goldensky Laser System Co.,Ltd. The importance of the servo motor for laser cutting machine Servo motor is a very important part of laser cutter, its quality décides the stability of the equipment, especially in machining contour déformation. At présent, the most used in laser cutting machine brand are Yaskawa, Panasonic, and Taida, etc. How to be affected by servo motor for the opération of the laser cutting machine? For laser cutting machine, both plate cutting and pipe cutting want the equipment processing in accordance with the established graphies, the key is to participate in the processing of each axle of dynamic response and cooperate with each other. If in the machining process, the overall response of the shaft is too slow, or certain position in an axis déviation is small, the other a large axial déviation, machining contour déformation problem will appear. And the cause of this déviation is numerous, have mechanical, external force, servo responsiveness, control System and other factors, or superposition of multiple factors. Therefore, the key to solve thèse problems lies in the axis good dynamic response and coordination of coopération between each other, can make it more strictly carried out in accordance with the stated goal of processing actions. Servo motor as a carry on mechanical and control System in the middle of the actuator, can to some extent compensate for the motion, optimization and coordination System, in orderto achieve a more perfect control purposes. Han's GS laser cutter use YASKAWA Servo Motor, it is strong rigidity, excellent control ability, accurate, sensitive response YASKAWA Servo Motor Aduress: No. 72 Optics Valley Avenue,East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Wuhan City, C'iùna P.C': 430223

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