Technique de fermeture modulaire pour la construction d’armoires et de coffrets. - 8 Pages

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Technique de fermeture modulaire pour la construction d’armoires et de coffrets.

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Ingenious Locking Technology

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■ Headquarters □ Production site o Subsidiary o Agency/Sales Office The EMKA GROUP is the world leader for locking systems, hinges and sealings, which are used in cabinets and control cabinets for electronics and electrical engineering. In the areas air condition-ing technology and transport, EMKA is one of the leading manu-facturers of locking technology. The company is represented in 50 countries employing more than 1,500 employees.

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In-House Production Currently, the overall range comprises more than 15,000 articles, which are developed, manufactured, refined and assembled at ten production sites in Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, USA and China.

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Quarter Turns and Compression Latches Locking Systems Mechanical / Electromechanical Modular Range The range of EMKA products is consistently modular. No matter whether made of stainless steel, zinc, aluminium or plastic, the products meet national as well as international standards, e. g. resistance class RC2 and are available up to the IP rating IP69K.

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In-House Engineering By continuously developing the products further in the in-house technology centre with 22 design engineers, EMKA ensures that the customer can always benefit from innovative and efficient solutions. You will find further products under

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Hinge can be made flame-resistant Silicone gasket flame-resistant EPDM gasket flame-resistant Aluminium windows Hinge can be made flame-resistant Compression latch can be made flame-resistant Safety quarter turn flame-resistant Locking Systems for Railway Vehicles EMKA also off ers special solutions specifi cally for the railway vehicle construction in its business unit Transport. These particularly include vibration-proof locks, on request with compression function and/or opening indicator, EPDM and silicone gaskets that are fire protection tested according to DIN EN 45545-2.

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Clip connector Guiding shoe Locking Systems for Switch Cabinets The modular range of EMKA products offers a unique choice of different types of locking systems for the cabinet construction. The high quality and product standards are guaranteed by the excellent manufacturing competence and the ISO 9001 certified process control.

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imBeschlagteile © EMKA Art.-Nr. 5110 ■ 09.16/1.0 ■ DE/A1/V2 ■ Printed in Germany EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH & Co. KG Phone: +49/2051/273-0 42551 Velbert, Germany

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