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DYNAMIC MEASUREMENT, CONSTANT ACCURACY One example is the Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP100. This high-quality laboratory unit is our special instrument for measuring dynamic surface tension (SFT). It reliably analyzes the mobility of surfactants and thus makes it possible to optimize their use in fast interfacial processes, such as spraying, printing, painting and cleaning. Dynamic surface tension in a very wide speed range The BP100’s high-precision pressure sensor measures the SFT of a surfactant solution based on the internal pressure of gas bubbles produced in the sample by a...

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GENEROUS WITH CONVENIENCE, ECONOMICAL WITH YOUR TIME utomatic measuring programs and intuitive instrument A control ast preparation and flexible measurement with disposable F capillaries TASKS AND APPLICATIONS O ptimization of spray processes S urfactant development D evelopment of washing and cleaning processes O ptimization of painting and printing processes C hecking the surfactant content in galvanic and cleaning baths MEASURING METHODS AND OPTIONS Measurement of surface tension (SFT) as a function of surface age between 5 and 200,000 milliseconds L ong-term measurement of SFT at...

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ALWAYS CLOSE TO YOU At KRÜSS, we combine technical know-how and scientific expertise with plenty of passion. That is why we not only produce high-quality measuring instruments for surface and interfacial chemistry – we offer a unique combination of product and scientific consulting. Our continuous know-how transfer ensures that not only we at KRÜSS keep pace with scientific developments, but also our customers. In this way, we help you to optimize and make better use of your technologies. This has made us the global market leader in the field of surface and interfacial tension measurement....

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