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Automatic Powder Spray Gun Lightweight, compact gun provides 100 kV and the highest transfer efficiency available for venturi-based coating systems. Designed for use with the Nordson iControl* integrated control system, the Encore automatic gun is one of the lightest and most compact powder application tools in the industry. In addition, at 100 kV, it provides the highest transfer efficiency available today for venturi-based coating systems. With the Encore automatic gun and Select Charge" technology, finishers can achieve superior coating coverage and efficiency. The gun provides an air-purge cleanable design for fast, easy cleaning, without gun disassembly, a requirement today for quick color change powder coating applications. Operator Selectable Coating Modes and Digital Flow Control for Superior Precise control of gun current is critical to ensure optimal powder charge and the quality and efficiency of any powder coating operation. The combination of Automatic Feedback Current (AFC) control with Select Charge technology for various coating modes provides the highest level of flexibility and operating parameter control. The iControl integrated control system features user- adjustable AFC control to optimize system performance over the widest variety of part profiles and configurations. In the AFC mode, the controller automatically adjusts electrostatic voltage output to maintain the optimal powder charge and external field strength regardless of the gun-to- part distance for uniform powder deposition across the part. This provides the most consistent, overall coating coverage and highest finish quality possible. generation iControl system incorporates Encore's "Smart Flow" pneumatic control capability — an easy, intuitive method of setting powder flow to achieve optimum coating efficiency Smart Flow, optimum "velocity" of the spray pattern for the particular part being coated is set first; then, the powder output level is set to achieve the desired film thickness on the part. A "Classic Flow" mode is also available for setting "flow" and "atomizing" air independently.

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Encore® Automatic Powder Spray Gun Tube and Bar Mount Versions Meet Application Requirements The Encore automatic gun is available in both tube mount and bar mount configurations to meet various application needs. Tube mount versions accommodate varying powder spray booth widths for coating very small to very large products. A bar mount version, provides a more compact and lightweight option. The bar mount version is ideal for use on a robot and in applications that do not require ultra-fast color-change. gun mounting bracket that enables 180-degree pitch positioning capability. This can...

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