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VISHAY. Force and Web Tension Solutio Vishay Systems For over 40 years, Vishay Nobel and Vishay BLH have supplied web tension and force measurement Systems for paper machines, the steel industry, and converting machines to customers ail over the world. A natural resuit of this, we have acquired solid knowledge and exprience within thse areas. Vishay Systems is a leading manufacturer of products and Systems for weighing and force measurement and control. Our web tension Systems comprise standard modules and electronics, as well as customized Systems. We design force measurement modules...

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Modules For Force Transducers and Measurements Web Tension Products * ^r GLT/LTT HTZ-3 HTK KIS KIP Measurement Range 90 N to 2200 N 2.2 kN to 222 kN 0.5 kN to 5 kN 1 kN to 500 kN 10 kN to20kN Repeatability 0.02% RO 0.01% R.O 0.01% RO 0.01% RO 0.02% RO Accuracy 0.05% RO 0.10% R.O 0.05% RO 0.02% RO 0.1% RO Overload 100% RL 50% 50% RL 100% RL 100% RL Measurement Angle Ail 180° Symmetrical Ail ±45 deg Temperature Range -40°C to+105°C -40°C to +105-C -40°Cto +105°C -40°C to +80°C* -40°C to +80°C* Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Alloy/stainless steel Stainless steel...

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VISHAY Application Examples Web Tension ^^^^^^^^^^^^^B Steel Strip Winder with the FMU Web Tension Unit Typical applications for the FMU unit: Paper machines Օ Steel strip tension equipment Mining conveyors Օ Felts, dryers, calendars, coaters, and laminators Winders and rewinders FMU unit used in an annealing line for controlling the web tension of steel strip: The unit is mounted under the bearing and connected to a junction box and further to an instrument. Paper Production with the HTU Web Tension Module Typical applications for the HTU unit: Օ Paper machines Steel strip tension...

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VISHAY Application Examples Force Transducers Shaft Installation with the KIS Force Transducer Typical applications for the KIS unit: Paper tension Օ Steel tension Plastic film, woven, or filament tension measurement Replacing the shaft in a roller with internai bearing by a KIS load cell to measure the force caused by the tension in the paper or steel during production: Since the load cell can be rotated, the full rթsultant force can be measured. Shaft Installation with the GLT/LTT for Low Tension Measuring and Control Typical applications for the GLT/LTT unit: Paper tension Օ Tension...

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VISHAY Transmitters, Indicators, and Controllers Products Features Multi-channel instrument Օ Measurement, summation, angle calculation, and rgulation Real time 镕 Bandwidth 1 kHz DXt-40 Sries Web Tension Transmitter/ Controllers " Continuous display of left, right, or total tension 镕 Individually digitize each transducer in a multicell System for greater resolution and accuracy Continuous diagnostics of System performance Օ Displays the rsultant force and angle of inclination for any wrap angle (Model HTU) LCp-100 Sries Web Tension Indicator/ Transmitter 驕 Designed for prcise high-speed...

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VISHAY Force and Web Tension Products Products Features Applications HTZ-3 w Rugged stainless steel '1' beam sensing section Օ Rsultant forces measure in the up or down direction . Full Wheatstone bridge with Vishay SR-4® foil strain gages Factory calibration 镩limintes need for on-site test weights Optional adapter plate designed for on-site installation of overload safety stops ╕ FM and CSA approved Paper producing machines Օ Roofing shingle manufacturing Printing presses Օ Laminator zones Dryer zones Օ Coating zones Felt measurement GLT and LTT 0. Օ 90 N to 2200 N Low tension...

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VISHAY MEASUREMENTS GROUP: Vishay Micro-Measurements Vishay Transducers Vishay SystemsWeighing and Force Measurements VISHAY World's Largest Manufactur of Weighing and Force Measurement Transducei e amer|cas CANADA I- o f< z O O 05LU_l < 11 VISHAY SYSTEMS 3 EDGEWATER DRIVE NORWOOD, MA 02062 UNITED STATES PH: +1-781-298-2200 FAX: +1-781-762-3988 E-MAIL: VS.USA@VISHAYMG.COM STEMS AY BOULEVARD, UNIT 1 TORONTO, ONTARIO M9W6M5 CANADA PH: +1-800-567-6098 (TOLL FREE) +1-416-251-2554 FAX: +1-416-251-2690 E-MAIL: VS.CAN@VISHAYMG.COM ASIA TAIWAN, R.O.C. YSTEMS NO. 5 BINGUAN NAN DAO YOUYI RD. HEXI...

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