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Portable air conditioner AC20N white Portable air conditioner AC26N white Original instructions Cooling & Heating (With R290 refrigerant)

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EN 1.1 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Our powerful portable air conditioners are great its a suggestion cooling solutions for single rooms, creating a comfortable atmosphere in your space. It also has ventilation and dehumidifying function for circulating air and removal of moisture. They are self-contained systems that do not require any permanent installation allowing you to move to the space in which it is mostly needed. They are commonly used in kitchen, temporary accomodation, computer rooms, garages, and many other places where installation of Air-conditioner Outdoor Unit is limited. The...

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Warm-on Climatiseur mobile - Instructions - 4

• This appLiance is intended to be used by expert or trained users in shops, in Light indus-try and on farms, or for commercial use by lay persons. • This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction, concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the potential risk. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall be made by instructed person. • The unit is designed only for use...

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YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY FIRST! OUT LIABILITY! APLEASE READ THIS MANUAL CAREFULLY. BE AWARE ABOUTTHE WORKFLOW WHEN STARTINGTHE WARNING SERVICE. 2.1 OPERATIONAL PRECAUTIONS WARNING - TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE; ELECTRIC SCHOK OR INJURY TO PERSONNEL AND ENVIRONMENT: • If the main Lead is damaged, it must be repLaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or other qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. • The portable air conditioner needs to be disconnected from power source during service. • Check identification plate! Operating voltage, electric demand and frequency should correspond with...

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Warm-on Climatiseur mobile - Instructions - 6

Place portable air conditioner in safe distance from open fire, potentially inflameable or explosive atmosphere. Consider for installation national standards. Use for support of defrosting process or cleaning only recommended items by the manufacturer. The unit shall be stored in a room without continuously operation sources (e.g: open flames, an operating gas appliance or an operating electric heater). Portable air conditioner should be stored without risk of damage. Never piece or burn unit! Consider inodorousness of refrigerants! Pipe-work shall be protected from physical damage and...

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2.2 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ON SERVICING Please follow these warnings when to undertake the following when servicing an portable air conditioner with R290. 2.2.1 Checks to the area Prior to beginning work on systems containing flammable refrigerants, safety checks are necessary to ensure, that the risk of ignition is minimized. For repair of the refrigerating system, the following precautions shall be cinternalised prior to execution of service work. 2.2.2 Work procedure Work shall be executed following the instruction for minimising risk caused by flammable gas or vapor in working area during...

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2.2.8 Checks of refrigeration equipment Where electrical components are replaced it need to be ensured compatibility to manufacturers specifications. Exclusively manufacturer’s coolant maintainance and service guidelines need to be followed. If in doubt consult the manufacturer’s technical department for assistance. The following checks shall be applied to installations using flammable coolants: – The charge size is in accordance with the room size within which the coolant containing parts are installed; – The ventilation machinery and outlets are operating adequately and are not...

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Note: The appearance is onLy for reference. PLease see the real product for detailed information.

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• High capacity and compact design with fan, cooLing and dehumidiFying function • Temperature setting and display • LED digitaL dispLay • Electronic control with built-in timer, sleep mode • Self-evaporating system for better efficiency • Auto shut-off off when tank full • Automatic restart in the event of power outage • Auto defrosting function at low ambient temperatures • Remote control • 2- speed fan • Casters for easy mobility

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Warm-on Climatiseur mobile - Instructions - 11

4.1 UNPACKING • Open cardboard box and uncase portable air conditioner. • After unpacking the device, Look for damages or scratches. • Accessories: • 1. Exhaust hose

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Warm-on Climatiseur mobile - Instructions - 12

4.2 CHOOSE YOUR LOCATION For safety reason, set unit in an upright position and allow 24 hours rest for acclimation. Place the unit on a flat, level surface. Ensure distance to, e.g. walls, circumferentially by 50cm for excellent air circulation. Never operate close to walls, curtains, or other objects, that may block air circulation. Keep the air inlet and outlet free of obstacles. Never install the unit where it could be subject to: • Heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other products that products produces heat. Direct sunlight Mechanical vibration or shock...

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4.3 COUPLING OF EXHAUST HOSE The portable air conditioner needs a connection to outside the room for escape of exhaust air. If contains waste heat and moisture. Replacement or extension of exhaust hose will decrease efficiency an shutdown of unit (lossing backpressure). Step 1: Connect the hose connector to one end of the exhaust hose. Step 2: Connect the windows kit adapter to the other end of the exhaust hose. Step 3: xtend the adjustable window kit the length of your window. Connect the E exhaust hose to the window kit.

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Step 4: lose your window to secure the kit in place. The window kit need a tight fit. C Secure the window kit with duct tape if required. It is recommended that the gap between the adapter and the sides of the window should be sealed off for maximum efficiency. Step 5: Connect hose adapter to the exhaust air outlet of unit on the backside. Step 6: djustment of flexible exhaust hose: Make sure a distance between the unit and A the window of more than 70cm. Distance between exhaust hose and florr should be > 90cm. Avoid any in hose. Place connector of mains (AC) near an socket outlet. Pay...

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