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WEICON LOCK® • locking • retaining • sealing • gasketing

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The idéal solution for construction, •one-component • fast curing • ready-to-use •solvent-free • non-shrinking • vibration-proof WEICONLOCK products are high quality anaerobic adhesives and sealants on the basis of spécial methacrylate resins, especially made for economical threadlocking, retaining and sealing of threaded, cylindrical and pipe assemblies. The characteristic feature of WEICONLOCK is the curing in contact with métal while deprived of air. It provides a shock- and vibration-résistant joint with excellent résistance to Chemicals and solvents. Due to its liquid consistency...

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General Information In gênerai, WElCONLOCKdoes not require spécial pretreatment as slightly oily surfaces (e.g. on 'as received' parts) will betolerated. However, best results will beachieved on cleaned, degreased parts (use WEICON Cleaner S). If required, the parts should be slightly roughened. WEICONLOCK is ready for use and should be applied evenly direct from the bottle/tube with the dispensing tip (avoid direct contact of dispensing tip with métal). On pressfitted parts and larger cylindrical assemblies a thin and uniform layer should be applied on both surfaces. In the case of...

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Retaining cylindrical • shaft/ hub-connections • coupling hubs, pulleys, bearings • cylindrical parts; slip-, press- or shrunk-fitted Flange sealing, gasketing WEICONLOCK retaining adhesives fill the voids on smooth mating surfaces and thus provide total contact of the parts. Additional securing (e.g. by keys) will not be necessary and fretting corrosion will be avoided. Further applications: Rétention of bail-, roller- and slide bearings, bushes, bolts, liners, keys, splines and other close fitting parts In many cases, WEICONLOCK enables the reconditioning of worn out fittings. Sealing...

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• stud bolts Sealing of threaded pipes and fittings • threaded connections • hydraulic and pneumatic Systems • cooler and compressed air Systems pipe bend WEICONLOCK meets the complex demands required in threadlocking today. With conventional methods (e.g. spring ring, counter-nuts), breakaway forces are absorbed on only 40% of the mating surfaces. Threaded connections locked with WEICONLOCK instead have a higher breakaway torque. As a liquid, WEICONLOCK completely fills the voids and convolutions of threads to ensure 100% contact between the interfaces, thus preventing fretting corrosion...

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WEICON LOCK® • locking • retaining • sealing • gasketing Fig. 7 Fitting of an underground drinking water main pipe: Threaded joint sealed and locked WEICONLOCK AN 306-38 Fig. 3 Manometer for testing and shutt-off apparatus in water/gas supply: Fittings sealed with WEICONLOCK AN 302-43 Fig. 2 Low-voltage halogen lamps: Threadlocking on articulations and shanks with WEICONLOCK AN 302-70 Fig. 4 Three-way tap of petrol pump: Threadlocked with WEICONLOCK WEICON • GmbH & Co. KG Tel. +49 (0) 251 / 93 22-0 www.weicon.de

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WEICONLOCK® type sélection chart *Strength values based on M 10 screws, 8.8 grade, thickness of nut 0,8 d **Static shear strength based on cylindrical parts of abt. 013 mm, tolérance 1 KTW test (Technologiezentrum Wasser TZW Karlsruhe) for use in drinking water supply Systems 2 DVGW Certificate for use in gas supply and hot water Systems 3 BAM Approval (Bundesanstalt fur Materialforschung und -prùfung BAM Tgb.- No. 4045/96-112402 for gaseous oxygen upto max. +60°C operating température and 10 bar oxygen pressure). We do not recommend WEICONLOCK for long-term use on connections of copper and...

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Technical Data WEICONLOCK* 'Strength values based on M 10 srews, 8.8 grade, thickness of nut 0,8 d *Static shear strength based on cylindrical parts of abt. 0 13 mm, tolérance (D - d) = 0,05 mm, l/d = 0,f

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